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Vocabulary Summary

What else can I do?
Another way you can help your children develop vocabulary is to foster word consciousness-an awareness of and interest in words, their meanings, and their power. Word-conscious children know many words and use them well. They enjoy words and are eager to learn new words-and they know how to learn them.

You can help your children develop word consciousness in several ways. Call their attention to the way authors choose words to convey particular meanings. Encourage children to play with words by engaging in word play, such as puns or palindromes. Help them research a word's origin or history. You can also encourage them to search for examples of a word's usage in their everyday lives.


Vocabulary refers to

  • the words we must know to communicate effectively.
  • Oral vocabulary refers to words that we use in speaking or recognize in listening.
  • Reading vocabulary refers to words we recognize or use in print.

Vocabulary is important because

  • beginning readers use their oral vocabulary to make sense of the words they see in print.
  • readers must know what most of the words mean before they can understand what they are reading.

Vocabulary can be developed

  • indirectly, when students engage daily in oral language, listen to adults read to them, and read extensively on their own.
  • directly, when students are explicitly taught both individual words and word learning strategies.

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