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Books and Babies - Reading game

For babies from age 6 weeks to 1 year

Sharing books is a way to have fun with your baby and to start him on the road to becoming a reader.

Babies soon recognize the faces and voices of those who care for them. As you read to your baby, he will begin to connect books with what he loves most—your voice and closeness.

What You Needlearn to read

  • Cardboard or cloth books with large, simple pictures of things with which babies are familiar.

  • Lift-the-flap, touch-and-feel, or peek-through play books.

What to Do

  • Read to your baby for short periods several times a day. Bedtime is always a good time, but you can read at other times as well—while you're in the park, on the bus, or even at the breakfast table (without the food!).

  • As you read, point out things in the pictures. Name them as you point to them.

  • Give your baby sturdy books to look at, touch, and hold. Allow him to peek through the holes or lift the flaps to discover surprises.

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