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Tips for Parents

As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher. And you don't need to be the best reader to help them. Your time and interest and the pleasure you share while reading together are what counts.

Need Reading Help?
With the right kind of help in the early years of life, most of the reading difficulties that might arise later in life can be prevented. The benefits for your child will last a lifetime.  Recommended reading help >>

Develop a Reading Strategy
This site tells how you can use all your language skills to build those of your child. It is designed for helping children through the most important years for learning the skills they will need to become readers. more ...

Use Fun Reading Games
These suggested activities use materials found inside your home and make learning experiences out of everyday routines. The activities are designed for you to have fun with your children while helping them gain the skills they need to learn to read. more ...

Printable preschool activity Preschool Printables

Learn your ABCs and have fun coloring these easy preschool printables >>

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